Our services include external and internal cleaning of optics, collimating and full
restoration of binoculars and telescopes, antique and new.

With the expertise to disassemble and reassemble binoculars and telescopes, S.O.R.     
will clean the external and internal optics, removing any debris, haze build up and

S.O.R. uses a Navy Mark V collimator and does not use conditional alignment. Every
glass is collimated though out the I.P.D. swing to eliminate the rotational affect caused by
the axle.

Lens Re-cementing:
S.O.R. is able to re-cement lenses that separate when the adhesive deteriorates.

S.O.R. is equipped to restore antique binoculars and telescopes. From those great Navy
"big-eyes" to the ones passed down through the family.

If you receive your glass from us after we've worked on it and it's out of collimation due to
shipping we will rework it free of charge. Never know when the postal service has a bad
Binocular and telescope repair and restoration since 1975
S.O.R. Services and Guarantee
Cory A. Suddarth
Daniel C. Suddarth
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