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S.O.R. in Action
Cory A. Suddarth
Daniel C. Suddarth
Here are some before and after photos of a Marine Corps Mark 28 7x50 binocular that was
finished recently. This glass got internal and external cleaning. Full collimation and some
restoration on the body.
As you can see in these before picture above the surface is heavily scratched and there is
some etching in the metal. Also, various areas of the paint is chipped.
In these after pictures you can see that
the surface and screws are polished.
Some minor scratches are visible yet the
entire look of this glass is refreshing.
Also, the diopter lines and writing have
been repainted as well. They really
stand out!
Mark 28 7x50 Restored
Objective Lens Re-cement
Another one of our services is the re-cementing of binocular lenses.

Both images below are of the same objective lens. On the left shows that the lens has
become separated due to the cement deteriorating over time. The edges are hazy and the
entire image when looking through it isn't what it should be. If you look to the picture on the
right you can see that we are able to apply new cement to lenses, revitalizing the quality of
your optics. Giving you something you will enjoy for decades.
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