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Customer Feedback
Cory A. Suddarth
Daniel C. Suddarth
I have just picked-up my binoculars at the post office. Thank you for the good work, the
optics are very clear again!
Paul S

I received the four binoculars Wednesday, the day after your reporting e-mail.  As you
predicted, I was astounded by your work! All four looked incredible, practically brand new.
Most impressive were the Mark 43 SARD 6x42 and B&L Army 8x56, because of their
previous condition. In fact, the B&L 8x56 looked better than new. The black color of the
pebble finish and matte texture of the trim paint are even more impressive than the
original gray pebbling and black gloss trim. The re-cemented objective lenses look
completely new. What a fantastic job.
Steve F

Please accept my apology for just now telling you how much your repair work is
appreciated. I'm so glad that I can use my "old soldier" binoculars again. And the park
naturalist is most appreciative that her spotting scope is usable again. Thank you for your
efforts in making these repairs.
Tom C

I just received the Optolyths.  Alignment is perfect and they’re nice and clean.  You were
also quite efficient and turned it round quickly.  Accordingly I’m going to recommend SOR
to my birding friends.  People who do quality work deserve more business.
Jim S
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